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Thank you for visiting our website I believe you want to get Michel Tournier book. Is this true? This is the right place for you. The book Michel Tournier was written by author David Gascoigne. Here are some identified codes of this product / 9781859730843 / 1859730841 / 52917. The publihser of this book has the name . The ebook version has 234 pages. It was published on the date1996-3-1. And here are the book description from the seller:During some seasons of life, these emotions may feel particularly strong and paralyzing . Published by Simon & Schuster,2011, Binding: Hardcover This intriguing book provides a up-to-date introduction to the works of Michel Tournier, arguably the most internationally influential French novelist of the last 25 years. His novels have been widely translated and have often provoked controversy and incurred charges of perversion. This study examines the nature of the attack which Tournier mounts on many of the norms and assumptions of Western culture and his often startling reinterpretation of the mythologies which have nourished and sustained it. His critical review of contemporary culture places him in a radical tradition of French writers and aligns him with contemporaries such as Barthes, Foucault and some aspects of post-modernist thinking.

This is the first study to provide a full picture of Tournier not just as a novelist but also as a prophet and dissenter who brings creative disruption to bear on what he views as deeply rooted repressive structures of thinking and feeling.Informative text, interesting photos, and useful examples will help you find the answer . I never expected her to become something more to me . She didn’t know why until she overheard her fiancé planning her death
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