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You have just come to my webpage I guess you have been looking for Salting Roses book. It's correct, right? We've got it for you. The book Salting Roses author name is Lorelle Marinello. It has the ASIN/EAN/ISBN code / 9780061443749 / 0061443743 / 8192076. This book's publisher's name is . The ebook version has 336 pages. Release date is on 2010-11-30. And here are the book description from the seller:Overcome Email Overload with Eudora shows how to get through electronic mail faster . Booklist Award 2013 ReadKiddoRead Kiddos FINALIST “A Southern Cinderella story with heart, soul, and humor. As sweet and tart as summer lemonade.”—Christie Ridgway, USA Today bestselling author

A delightful new voice in Southern fiction, Lorelle Marinello makes a truly dazzling debut with Salting Roses—a novel that immediately places her in the esteemed company of Elinor Lipman, Loraine Despres, and Stephanie Gayle.

In Salting Roses, a young woman abandoned as an infant on an Alabama porch is horrified to discover that she is the missing heiress to a vast Connecticut fortune—a birthright she wants desperately to reject in favor of her Peachtree Lane roots. A modern-day fairy tale with a Southern twist, rich in atmosphere and chock full of unforgettably eccentric characters, Lorelle Marinello’s novel is not to be missed.Will Scarlet make the ultimate sacrifice to save Sages life . Follow Rexy the dinosaur as he visits a farm to meet animals . They were somehow fascinated with the stories
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