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Title:The Great Gatsby: and Other Works (Tender Is the Night, The Beautiful and the Damned, Flappers and Philosophers, and over 50 Short Stories)
BookID: 245494/19243257
Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald
Rating: 3.90/5 With 2966193 Total Votes
Published Date: 1925-4-
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Title:Romeo and Juliet: (Annotated with short biography)
BookID: 3349450/20793421
Author: William Shakespeare
Rating: 3.74/5 With 1745415 Total Votes
Published Date: 1597--
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Title:Frankenstein: (Annotated with short biography)
BookID: 4836639/24740126
Author: Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
Rating: 3.76/5 With 926256 Total Votes
Published Date: 1818-1-1
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Title:A Short History of Nearly Everything
BookID: 2305997/21
Author: Bill Bryson
Rating: 4.19/5 With 218779 Total Votes
Published Date: 2003-5-6
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Title:The Count of Monte Cristo: (Annotated with short biography)
BookID: 391568/21076881
Author: Alexandre Dumas
Rating: 4.22/5 With 626731 Total Votes
Published Date: 1844--
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Title:Anna Karenina: (Annotated with short biography)
BookID: 2507928/20652790
Author: Leo Tolstoy
Rating: 4.03/5 With 500629 Total Votes
Published Date: 1878--
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Title:Crime and Punishment: (Annotated with short biography)
BookID: 3393917/25196710
Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Rating: 4.19/5 With 474360 Total Votes
Published Date: 1866--
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Title:Hamlet: (Annotated with short biography)
BookID: 1885548/20767119
Author: William Shakespeare
Rating: 4.01/5 With 601286 Total Votes
Published Date: 1603--
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Title:Macbeth: Shorter Shakespeare
BookID: 1896522/724702
Author: William Shakespeare
Rating: 3.89/5 With 549556 Total Votes
Published Date: 1623--
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Title:Make 'Em Laugh: Short-Term Memories of Longtime Friends
BookID: 44611587/25817562
Author: Debbie Reynolds
Rating: 3.65/5 With 1008 Total Votes
Published Date: 2015-11-10
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Title:The Metamorphosis: (Annotated with short biography)
BookID: 2373750/24674555
Author: Franz Kafka
Rating: 3.79/5 With 450151 Total Votes
Published Date: 1915--
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Title:Christmas Short Stories
BookID: 3097440/13030543
Author: Charles Dickens
Rating: 4.03/5 With 478893 Total Votes
Published Date: 1843-12-19
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Title:Strategic Pastoral Counseling: A Short-Term Structured Model
BookID: 205979/212784
Author: David G. Benner
Rating: 3.64/5 With 235 Total Votes
Published Date: 1992-6-30
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Title:Flowers for Algernon - short
BookID: 3337594/875031
Author: Daniel Keyes
Rating: 4.08/5 With 361129 Total Votes
Published Date: 1959--
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Title:The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner (Twilight, #3.5)
BookID: 11342428/7937462
Author: Stephenie Meyer
Rating: 3.50/5 With 163603 Total Votes
Published Date: 2009-6-1
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Title:War and Peace: (Annotated with short biography)
BookID: 4912783/20740341
Author: Leo Tolstoy
Rating: 4.11/5 With 206856 Total Votes
Published Date: 1868--
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Title:Lewis Carroll Box Set: Alice Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass Including the Short Film the Delivery
BookID: 2375385/3562243
Author: Lewis Carroll
Rating: 4.06/5 With 389027 Total Votes
Published Date: 1865-7-4
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Title:A Midsummer Night's Dream (The Shorter Shakespeare Series)
BookID: 894834/21366339
Author: William Shakespeare
Rating: 3.94/5 With 378792 Total Votes
Published Date: 1595--
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Title:The Time Machine: The Original Time Travel Story: A Short Science Fiction Novel about Time Travel
BookID: 3234863/27804631
Author: H.G. Wells
Rating: 3.87/5 With 322373 Total Votes
Published Date: 1895-5-7
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Title:The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine
BookID: 6654434/6463967
Author: Michael Lewis
Rating: 4.26/5 With 107559 Total Votes
Published Date: 2009-11-
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